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      The use of metal fine wire

      source:Jinhua Mingyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.release time:2020-01-14

      Metal fine wire according to the distribution catalog, steel wire, including ordinary entangled rolled low carbon steel wire, welding rod, blasting, wire, quality rods with hardened and tempered threads. The broader wire mainly uses general low carbon steel hot rods, but also general wire, which is made of q195, q215, and q235 ordinary carbon pigment steels and is heated to a nominal diameter of 5.5-14.0 mm. The weight is in the range of 100-200 kg, and now more twist-free high-speed wire rod rolling and rolling are used to control the cooling diameter to 5.5 22.0 mm. The maximum coil weight can reach 2500 kg. The common line is mainly used in construction, painting, packaging, welding and manufacturing, bolts, nuts, rivets, etc. High-quality wire rod supplies hot-rolled high-quality carbon structural steel strip. 08f, 10, 35mn, 50mn, 65, 75mn. Other rolled stainless steel wire for steel and other metal products, raw materials and structural components. With 8mm in 8mm high quality profile includes metal products.

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