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      Different characteristics of metal fine lines have different effects

      source:Jinhua Mingyu Metal Products Co., Ltd.release time:2020-01-14

      The chromium content of nickel-plated wire is about 13%-13%, and the nickel content is about 8%-8%. The metal elements in these two corrosion media have high corrosion resistance, so stainless steel is usually not oxidized (rusted). The nature of rust corrosion or rust, this is due to the appearance of steel and atmospheric oxygen, water, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical attack effects or electrochemical corrosion effects, causing discoloration or called rust, the appearance material is iron oxidation Rust.
      Metal fine wire makes nickel-plated wire show different characteristics, different characteristics have different effects, bridges, tunnels, from different aspects, such as power facilities, because everything is to meet different needs.

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